The benefits of installing MZX Technology into an Oil and Gas Production and Storage Facility

Installing a suitable fire detection and alarm system within an Oil and Gas production and storage area facility is subject to stringent requirements due to the risk of explosion created by the presence of highly flammable substances. Current standards include EN60079-14 (gas vapour or mist) and EN50281-1-2 (dusts). In addition there is a European directive, (ATEX) with which all equipment installed in hazardous areas must fully comply. Further requirements relating to Safety Integrity (SIL) are also in place, ensuring the highest levels of system integrity. The treatment of dangerous substances where there exists the risk of explosion or fire that can be caused by an electrical spark or a hot surface requires special precautions, including equipment which is designed to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. Risk is categorised as a zone and is based upon the probability of an explosive mixture being present, and a method of protection or piece of equipment used to minimise risk is subject to a) the zone classification and b) the type of gas that is likely to exist. Dust atmospheres have their own zone designation. Circuit design can also be a factor where the current flow in electrical circuits is limited to a level below which a spark or hot surface can exist.

MZX technology offers a comprehensive range of equipment and systems to meet even the most stringent of requirements, whilst providing fast response to fires.

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