The benefits of installing MZX Technology into a Power Generation Facility

Designing a suitable fire detection and alarm system for a power plant would normally be based on a risk assessment by the operator and could combine both a manual system, with detection in critical and high risk areas. The system might be subject to more stringent requirements than for a “more normal environment”, due to the risk of fire within a nuclear powered station where further requirements relating to Safety Integrity (SIL) might be required. Any areas with a presence of flammable liquids could also be subject to other standards such as EN60079-14 (gas vapour or mist) and EN50281-1-2 (dusts) where explosive gas or dust mixtures could exist. In addition there is the European directive, (ATEX) covering systems installed in hazardous areas.

The main concerns within power plants are the turbine halls, cable tunnels and transformers. Other areas such as the control room and those vital to the operation such as computer room and communications areas would also be protected.

MZX systems are built to the highest standards and tested and approved by independent third parties to all European standards and have SIL2 certification.

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