The benefits of installing MZX Technology into a Prison

The Requirements for installing a fire detection and alarm system within a prison would be determined by the authority responsible within the region and could be a combination of both manual devices and automatic detection. Detection in individual cells could be a requirement which can be accomplished by installing the detector directly into the cell or within a duct housing within the cell extract system. Air sampling within the air extract system is another way of providing detection in individual cells. The detection device, (sensor), should be responsive to both smouldering and flaming fires and resilient to both cigarette smoke and the omissions from other sources such as joss sticks. In some modern prisons, cells may contain an integral shower, which will generate steam, to which the system should also demonstrate immunity, although the positioning of the sensor, if located in the cell, may have to be adjusted to avoid direct contact. The normal scenario within a prison house block is for the ventilation system to be running continuously when cells are occupied, although the system may have to be proven with the ventilation switched on and off. Unwanted alarms are especially troublesome as investigations will take longer due to restricted access and movement. Alarms will also in many cases aggravate the inmates and cause annoyance to the prison staff.

The MZX fire detection and alarm system has been successfully installed into many prisons.

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