The benefits of installing MZX Technology into a University

The Requirements for installing a suitable fire detection and alarm system within a University will combine the risks associated with larger schools, auditoriums and within the student’s accommodation areas those more associated with hotels. Universities will vary in size dependent upon population which may vary from a few hundreds to many thousands of students and the requirements for automatic fire detection may well be dependent upon the size and population. Universities are very diverse in their occupancy and therefore the chosen fire detector technology should suit the environment including, lecture theatres, libraries, research areas, leisure facilities and the student’s accommodation blocks, all which pose their own individual risks. Between being occupied and unoccupied a different set of rules may apply to some areas when the detection system will need to change as the risks also change. Disruption to the working day as a result of unwanted alarms can be critical, especially during examinations and so the reliability factor is extremely important when selecting a suitable system.

The MZX fire detection and alarm system is a complete system from a single manufacturer designed to provide optimum performance at all times.

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